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  • Tournament

    Here is the information on the tournaments we are attending

    Arizona Regional

    • When: March 9,10,11,12
    • Where: Walkup Skydome - Northern Arizona University
    • Address:1701 S. San Francisco Street, Flagstaff AZ
    • Details: Arizona North Regional
    • Team will need to arrive on March 9th
    • We will need 5 people to arrive by 4:00/5:00 for pit load in and set up.  If you have not been "asked" to do this, please do not feel required to get there by then.
    • Arrive sometime that evening, 8:00-9:00pm would be fine.

    For Travel information: We are still working out details for this tournament. We are either going to take a bus or each family will be responsible to get out there on their own. We will plan to stay in the same hotel as a team, that information will become available soon.

    Colorado Regional

    • When: March 24,25,26
    • Where: Denver University - Magness Arena
    • Address:2201 East Asbury Ave Denver, CO
    • Details: Colorado Regional
    • Team will need to arrive on March 24th, a small group will need to be there on March 23 by 5pm

    We do not provide transportation for this tournament, rather each member is responsible for getting to and from the tournament each day on thier own, or stay in Denver.

    2016 Season Registration

    Everyone needs to register through FIRST website and become official on FRC's site before our first event.

  • Team Calendar

    Here is the team calendar, we will place any events, practices and team meetings here. .

  • Team Site

    Our team has a prive team site, this is where all private information (name, addresses. emails and other information is stored. This site required a login and password. but it also required a domain name, please refer to the email about how to log in. In order to sign up for team meals you will need a login and password.

    Meal Signup

    Click on the link below to go to out team MEAL Signup and to see the calendar of who is bringing meals.

  • 2016 Kick Off Day!

    Mark your calendars for the 1/9/2016 Kick off event to start our next season. We will post more information when we have it available.