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Making roads safer for vulnerable road users (VRU)pedestrians, children at school and work zone employees.

  • Pedestrians
  • Children at schools (crosswalk)
  • Workers in work Zones
About VRUM

Safer Roads

How can roads be made safer for everyone? Notify motorists of nearby pedestrians by send Personal Saftey Messages. Check out our business pitch and demo of the application below:

Personal Safety Message

What is a personal safety message? Its just a message that containes basic, standard information about location.

Vulnerable Road User

What is a vulnerable road user and why is this so important?

Use Case

To implement our idea we would like to team up with USDOT to implement this messaging system to protet road workers.


This messaging platform consists of 2 persona; Pedestrian and Road user.

Vulernable Road Users

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Road Users(Motor Vehicles)

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