Thank you to our
family for supporting
our program!

Parent Information Page

We will post important parent informatin and link so check back often.

New Team Website!


Introducing our new team website! Please let us know if you see any errors or problems...but keep in mind we have written this website in our "spare" time and voluntarily. We hope that this site can be helpful as well as a place to update family and friends with what the team is up to! Any suggestions would be great,just give us time to integrate them! We now have a calendar that will allow family members to sign up for meals. :)

Team Presentation

Todays meeting

Here is the link to the parent meeting on 12/30/19. Send any questions or concerns our way.

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Kick off is 1 week away! Check out the team calendar for practice days/times

1/5/2019 - 8:00am-9:00pm

Check out our Calendar for practice days/times. This weekend will be long and tiring, but we will have a design of our 2019 robot by the end of Sunday. Parents/Family members, you are welcome to stop in and help us design, prototype and build the field elelments!


Team Meals!

We need food!

We will need your help to make this season a success....and the kids love food! So please sign up for meals at least once a week. We all love home made meals, so we will reserve ordering pizza or other places for emegencies only. Also, we need more snacks and drinks! Drop them off anytime!


Thank you to all of our parents who volunteer at our events

and make our team dinners and bring us snacks!