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Parent Information Page

We will post important parent informatin and link so check back often.

Robotics - 3 weeks down!


We have a full prototype/practice robot almost complete and are almost ready for a final CAD review to start manufacturing the competition robot! The kids are working hard and are doing great. We are halfway through the build season…only 3 more weeks to go! We will start posting pictures/video as the end of the build season nears…or earlier if the kids want to post some of our designs before then. With the high number of “off” days (Wednesday and Sunday) that the team has chosen to hold practice the coaches would like to touch base about grades, family time and quality of life for the students on the team. The coaches are okay allowing these extra days the students would like to practice, and concur the time is needed to achieve the goals set by the team. With this said, we would also like to touch base with the students and parents as this seems to be a re-occurring change from the original plan. The team seems to be doing well with more aggressive practice schedule. Are the students doing okay with stress, homework and time management? We would like to ask for each family to check in and make sure grades and schedules are doing ok. Should we “force” no practice days? Scrimmage. We mentioned the scrimmage in Colorado Springs on Feb 16th, we have not heard about anyone else driving down. We need to know those who can help us with the “stuff” so we know how many kids we can drive. We have also suggested (actually highly suggested) that even if your kids are able to drive, that they do not drive down for this event. Everyone has been working non-stop and are tired…and this will be a long day. If we can get parent/adult help that would be great.

OK Tournament (and Colorado)

We mentioned that we would put a spreadsheet on our onedrive location (and shared it out with the team a while back – I do not have a copy of that email, the only think I can do is re-send it if you do not have it) can everyone get on the spreadsheet named Travel Information and update that? We have several people requesting where everyone is staying so it would be helpful to get all that information in 1 place. Thanks!

New Team Website!


Introducing our new team website! Please let us know if you see any errors or problems...but keep in mind we have written this website in our "spare" time and voluntarily. We hope that this site can be helpful as well as a place to update family and friends with what the team is up to! Any suggestions would be great,just give us time to integrate them! We now have a calendar that will allow family members to sign up for meals. :)

Team Presentation

Todays meeting

Here is the link to the parent meeting on 12/30/19. Send any questions or concerns our way.

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Kick off is 1 week away! Check out the team calendar for practice days/times

1/5/2019 - 8:00am-9:00pm

Check out our Calendar for practice days/times. This weekend will be long and tiring, but we will have a design of our 2019 robot by the end of Sunday. Parents/Family members, you are welcome to stop in and help us design, prototype and build the field elelments!


Team Meals!

We need food!

We will need your help to make this season a success....and the kids love food! So please sign up for meals at least once a week. We all love home made meals, so we will reserve ordering pizza or other places for emegencies only. Also, we need more snacks and drinks! Drop them off anytime!


Thank you to all of our parents who volunteer at our events

and make our team dinners and bring us snacks!