"Stonghold was an amazing game,
we build one tough robot that could fly over anything!"

2016 Season - Stronghold

The Highlanders are proud to introduce our 2016 robot Magnetar. The Highlanders had an amazing season participating in 2 regionals and The Houston World Championship. The Highlanders designed a a robot that could go over most of the barriers and a cat-a-pult to shoot bolders in the high and low goals.

Robot Details

Check out some of our robot and season details.

Quick Facts

  • Robot Name: Magnetar
  • Weight: 97 lbs
  • Drive Train:6 8" pneumatic tank drive, 4 CIM 17 ft/s
  • Shooter: Catapult shooter
  • Intake: 2 4" mechanum wheels
  • Auto: go over any defense expect for doors.
Spec Sheet


  • Arizona North Regional
  • Rank: 3th/semi-finals
  • Engineering Inspiration Award
  • Colorado Regional
  • Rank: 13th/Finalists
  • Regional Chairman's Award Winner
  • Houston Championship
  • Rank: 15th/Galileo Division
  • Gracious Professionalism Award

Champs Recap


Alliances score points by reaching opponents defenses, crossing defenses, scoring boulders through goals in the opposing tower. In teleop Human drivers take control for the final 2 minutes and 15 seconds controlling their robot to defend their castle, retrieve boulders, defeat defenses, score goals from the opponents’ courtyard in tower, capture and scale the opponent’s tower. During last 20 seconds of the Quest, robots may surround and scale the tower to capture it

Magnetr Reveal Video


Introducing Magnetar

Game Details

Season Recap

Our 2016 season was amazing! We attended 2 regionals and the World Championship. This year we built a 10 wheeled tank style robot that shot balls using a catapult. Our robot was able to go over all the defenses except the sally port door and the drawbridge. Our shooter was able to shoot in the high and low goals.

Stronghold Robot Reveal - Magnetar
Stronghold Game Details
Season Recap
Colorado Recap - See how our robot changed!
Chairmans Video

This season's robot flew!