Game Changers Robot Coming Soon!

2021 Season

This season has been a little than past seasons. Our season ended abruptly in 2020, but The Highlanders went on to work virtually for a large portion of the summer and fall of 2020. We focused on CAD training, virtual outreach, creating a new story book and so much more! Starting in January 2021 we were able to meeting in person! Since then, we have started machining a new version of our 2020 design and are meeting a few times a week under the CDC and governor guidelines. We take safety precautions like wearing face masks, washing our hands and socially distancing while we are at the shop. So far, we are able to stay safe, have fun and build/program robots! We are programming the at home challenges and improving our programming skills as well!

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Robot Details

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New Robot

  • Robot Name: Coming soon
  • Weight:
  • Drive Train:
  • Shooter: .
  • Intake:
  • Climber:
  • Autonomous


  • FRC at Home
  • Unscheduled offseason events

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Infinite Recharge - Replay

Explain Game

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