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What is the Cycle of Success?

The Cycle of Success (COS) initiative is the path for students to become future leaders and innovators. Starting with involvement in the Highlanders, students build skills and connect with prominent sponsors and companies such as Neaera Consulting, Lockheed Martin, and Woodward. These connections lead to valuable internships, allowing students to develop their skills further gaining experience at companies like Tesla, Leidos and Xilinx. Some students secure jobs at Neaera Consulting giving back to the team's nonprofit, Neaera Robotics. Throughout their journey, students stay connected with the FIRST community and continue to support the Highlanders, ensuring the continuation of their impact and knowledge. Neaera Robotics was established in 2013 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, to support future engineers. We aim to provide funding and resources to FIRST teams across the Front Range, enabling students to build their skills and pursue their passions. Over the last three years, our graduates have given back to our team and non-profit by providing significant funding and countless hours of mentoring support. Our nonprofit started as a FIRST incubator in Northern Colorado and has now grown to support 6 FIRST teams across the Front Range.